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Nimue Skincare

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As a young one I was never the best at taking care of my skin …in fact I was brutal!! Late nights out not drinking enough water..falling into bed with makeup still on, you get my drift!!

And as the years pass on and trust me I’m clocking them up..I started to become more aware about how badly I mistreated my skin…perhaps the fine lines and wrinkles gave me that kick up the behind to start improving!! Or maybe it was just getting almighty frights looking  in the mirror and seeing what was staring back at me…

So in order to help improve the situation or at least age gracefully I started to look into skincare ranges. This lead me to Nimue Skin technology. I will be honest girls I have spent lots of money and never really found the skin products that good..perhaps because I didn’t keep it up religiously or other reasons but nothing I used ever really worked. Hence why I turned to Nimue


So let me give you a little bit of background ground on Nimue, it was originally developed in 1994 aimed at the medical market for pre and post operative applications but then Nimue introduced a new skin classification. So basically it is a cosme pharmaceutical brand that is globally recognised for its modern skin classification concept (Environmentally Damaged skin, Hyperpigmented Skin, Problematic Skin, Interactive Range) and unique philosophy based on four treatments principles, rejuvenation, Restoration, Antioxidation and Sun Protection. In other words it penetrates the top layers of your skin and encourages the skin to work and repair itself with the help of the products.


I have been using Nimue for over two months now if not more. I always feel you need to use a product for a long lenght before seeing the results. With Nimue I will be honest I find it fantastic…it has reduced down the brown marks on my skin caused obviously from sun damage. I am just finishing the starter Kit that I was kindly given to try and I have since purchased the moisturiser, I’m not getting paid to promote the brand, I just find it is amazing on my skin and I have seen obvious results from using their products.

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I have to say girls I have seen massive improvement in my skin, I got the starter pack see details here and although when I first began to use them I thought there was a lot of steps involved (6 steps to be precise!). However it quickly became part of my nightly and morning routine and it takes no longer than all the regular things you do like brushing your teeth etc (in fact a good tip is pop your moisturizer on as you are brushing your teeth and it gives you plenty of time for the moisturizer to dry in)


I am completely converted to Nimue, this product is not  readily available to buy in pharmacy’s/stores or online, there is a specific list of trained and qualified salons nationwide, which is more professional in my opinion as you get the correct advice on what will work for your skin and what product is more suitable to you. For a list of stockists you can contact Niamh Sales Executive and Educator for Nimue Skin technology Ireland on 087 4665842.

I promise you, you wont be disappointed

Until next time

Pam xx

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Debenhams Ireland ..Beauty Event

BeautyFashion and Beauty Blog


This post has been a long time coming ladies, just before Christmas a few bloggers were lucky to be invited to a Debenhams Beauty evening. I am a huge fan of Debenhams, the fact that its just five minutes away from my house might be another factor..but a fan I am!! I love their beauty sections, its always so inviting with all the lotions and potions! I’m fast becoming a makeup junkie (so much so I’ve joined a makeup class starting in March!!) and I love the choice Debenhams offer.

The evening kicked off with Processco and nibbles, we met with one of their personal shoppers/stylists, who informed us they offer free styling advice, no mater how big or small your budget is. (be it €10 or €100) and that you can use this service at anytime day or evening. They also have a private room where you can discuss your exact requirements and try clothing on at your own comfort and Leisure. This is used quite a lot with wheelchair bound customers too as it makes it easier for them, as sometimes navigating around isles can be tricky.

Not to mention the fact the stylists are more familiar with what is in stock, using personal shoppers  it makes the who process easier for you, and saves lots of time. For more details you can book here.

Then came the fun bit, checking out all the beauty products Debenhams have to offer…one of my favourite brands included Urban Decay…I am loving their products, I constantly use the Naked Decay palettes and also the new Gwen Stefani eye palette, its beautiful. And have you tried the Naked skin concealer..wow.. it’s my favourite!

We met with the lovely Shirley, Urban Decays Manager and Professional Makeup Artist, who gave us a makeup demo using the Gwen Palette, this lady has fantastic tips and tricks. Their eye primer is amazing and was top of my list!! We gushed over the make up products particularly the urban decay setting spray, one of the best around. It was a fabulous makeup demo and Shirley truly is so talented.

Next up with met the gorgeous girls from Clarins who gave us a demonstation on skincare and how we should be treating and  taking care of our skin. I’m a big fan of Clarins, since living in the states a few years back when I first picked up my first product..

From cleansing milk, to toning and Multi active day cream not to mention the beautiful Double Serum, I love these products, from the soft feel of them on your skin, to the smell. I have quiet sensitive skin and I find Clarins kind to it!

We also had a demo at Benefits Brow Bar, I absolutely love this relatively new addition to Debenhams (since August 2015), its perfect to just pop in without an appointment and get your eyebrows done, really suits me to pop in, particularly with my two smallies.

On the night the benefit girls demonstrated the perfect brow and gave us a tour around their beautiful treatment rooms. At the brow bar they also offer a range of spray tanning, body waxing and eyelash tinting. And then there’s Benefits glorious products, I love their packaging and the fun they inject into the displays not to mention the products. Its a one shop stop to get beautified not to mention, grabbing a few products while your at it.

A look inside the treatment room…

My favourite Benefit kits and I love how they have tips and tricks inside the kits to show you exactly what to do!

It was a fabulous night at the Debenhams Beauty event, I’ve been a fan of Debenhams a long time and pay a weekly visit to browse and add to my never ending wishlist, so I can splurge come pay day. Its got everything you need for Beauty under one roof.

For any information on products they stock head over to Debenhams here

Have a good week everyone




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