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Katie Kime

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Since moving to Austin I have tried as much as possible to immerse myself into the Fashion industry and familiarize myself with local designers and boutiques. What I realised about Austin is although fashion industry is a little different and seems elusive compared to our European peers, they are very much fashionable here in Texas. Austin is a creators heaven, its bursting with creativity and up and coming artists, and designers.

I became familiar with Fashion X Austin and Austin Fashion Initiative. Fashion X is the leading fashion event producer in Texas with a mission to connect emerging brands direct to consumers. It is the leader in Austin, Dallas and Houston. Fashion X Austin is the alternative to Fashion week in Austin, only it runs throughout the year with different events. Austin Fashion Initiative (AFI) works to integrate across the broad ecosystem of the fashion and creative industries to establish and promote Austin-based fashion related businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

And so after attending Austin Fashion X event in March this year, I was introduced to a beautiful collection by a fashion designer called Katie Kime. Instantly I fell in love with her bold and vibrant prints and collections. And so when I came across an event that AFI was holding in Katie Kime’s headquarters I just knew I needed to attend.

Based in Austin, Texas Katie Kime is an emerging lifestyle brand of fashion, furniture, and accessories inspired by Katie’s own spirited approach to dressing both herself and her home. Her head quarters alone was a haven for creativity and beautiful fabrics. Her story is remarkable she worked hard to get where she is. In 2006, during her senior year at Duke, Katie hosted her first trunk show of reclaimed furniture, handmade frames out of vintage books, and custom note sets. Upon graduation she was sure that finding a way to design and manufacture not just one line, but many lines, was her calling. And so she set out on an ever-evolving journey of doing just that.

In January of 2014, Katie Kime’s online store opened for business, following on in 2015, Katie Kime opened their flagship store in the heart of downtown Austin. KK Cottage based in East Austin was launched in 2017 an event space and showroom for decorators and wholesale …on entering the headquarter the hallway with its beautiful bold camel wallpaper with real tassels hanging off it took my breathe away (Camel Wallpaper), her office throughout is aesthetically pleasing, a creators dream!

The office space is beautiful and I found it incredibly inspirational, a perfect space to get creatives and provoke a feel good emotion!

You’ll find story boards, and her inspiration and colourful fabrics scattered across the walls of the Headquarters, a customers and suppliers haven. And as you can see most of her inspiration comes from Globetrotting around the world.

Throughout the showrooom Katie features both classics and newly designed prints, currently lusting over a few of her pieces not to mention her jewelry below..and look at her stationary!!!!

If you want to know more or order any of the above, pop onto her website here

Definitely a designer to watch!

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PS I have not been paid or sponsored for this post or am I in any way affiliated

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Moving Country and what I’ve learn about the Country I’ve left behind…


Moving Country and the few things I’ve learn about the country I’ve left behind.

So as you know I moved to Austin in January…and having settled after a few months we returned home to spend our Summer in Ireland, we had a ball and you learn a lot of things when you return home for a holiday.

You appreciate Family time a lot more!!
You make more time for family and I mean proper quality time..hence lack of posts on my blog. You cherish memories with your family. Spending time doing absolutely nothing with them, sitting comfortably in each others silences. The family banter, how we all get each other, the inner circle haha it exists!!! You love how family love you unconditionally no matter what you do or how far away you live away. You’re more aware of how precious time is and how it can creep up on us without us even realizing it, so you cherish every moment you get to spend with them!

You appreciate friends

I mean real friends who know you for years inside out through good and bad times…ones you can just lay all your s*it out over cups of tea or in some cases wine, and know they wont judge you or are trying to figure you out…because they’ve figured you out a long time ago 🙂 Friends who just get you, your silliness, your downright madness. Friends who make you laugh so hard and cheer you right up any given day….ones who you haven’t seen in a while but yet you just pick up right where you’ve left off! As if you’ve never been gone!!!

You appreciate your country and its people…

God we live in a beautiful country, we have unbelievable green grass, fresh air (have you ever been hungover in 33 degrees heat, I don’t recommend it :)) and the scenery is breathtaking! Returning home for holiday makes you look at the country with different eyes..the coastlines, the rolling hills, the people, the banter, a nation that gets its people, and that sunshine that brings out the best in us! (Apart from red raw sunburn and farmers tans!) The easy relax way of life and yes believe it or not the spontaneity of us Irish! Unplanned nights out is what I’m talking about! The amazing history we have and our Irish stories and traditions! Our very culture.

You appreciate your food…

Oh how I miss curry chips that is all 🙂 kidding I miss the food, not having to constantly put eggs in the fridge as they wont last. Real homemade brown bread, proper chips (french fries), fresh vegetables, home grown produce, proper milk!! Nice barista coffees…eggs Benedict! Bread (that’s not laced with sugar) Cadbury’s chocolate (kinder eggs my kids would say…they also miss the yogurts and potato waffles!!) oh the list is endless!

The easy access to European countries…

How I miss not hoping on a plane and being somewhere in Europe within a couple of hours. You never really appreciate it until you live so far away..I miss the cheap flights to other countries (even if you don’t like a particular airline ,not naming any airline in particular) Europe with its in depth history and periodical buildings just right on our doorsteps!

And now we’re back in Austin, we are lucky to have the weather and sunshine, ( albeit I may have brought the Irish rain with me these last two weeks) we are happy here, but our Summer was amazing, we made such good memories and made time count being at home in Ireland. I wont lie its been harder to settle back into things here in Austin this time round because we loved every minute of our time in Ireland. I know this feeling will pass, as it has before, but I will say one thing, when moving country, appreciate where you come from, because home no matter how far away, will always be home, and a piece of you will always be there!




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