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Moving Country and what I’ve learn about the Country I’ve left behind…


Moving Country and the few things I’ve learn about the country I’ve left behind.

So as you know I moved to Austin in January…and having settled after a few months we returned home to spend our Summer in Ireland, we had a ball and you learn a lot of things when you return home for a holiday.

You appreciate Family time a lot more!!
You make more time for family and I mean proper quality time..hence lack of posts on my blog. You cherish memories with your family. Spending time doing absolutely nothing with them, sitting comfortably in each others silences. The family banter, how we all get each other, the inner circle haha it exists!!! You love how family love you unconditionally no matter what you do or how far away you live away. You’re more aware of how precious time is and how it can creep up on us without us even realizing it, so you cherish every moment you get to spend with them!

You appreciate friends

I mean real friends who know you for years inside out through good and bad times…ones you can just lay all your s*it out over cups of tea or in some cases wine, and know they wont judge you or are trying to figure you out…because they’ve figured you out a long time ago ūüôā Friends who just get you, your silliness, your downright madness. Friends who make you laugh so hard and cheer you right up any given day….ones who you haven’t seen in a while but yet you just pick up right where you’ve left off! As if you’ve never been gone!!!

You appreciate your country and its people…

God we live in a beautiful country, we have unbelievable green grass, fresh air (have you ever been hungover in 33 degrees heat, I don’t recommend it :)) and the scenery is breathtaking! Returning home for holiday makes you look at the country with different eyes..the coastlines, the rolling hills, the people, the banter, a nation that gets its people, and that sunshine that brings out the best in us! (Apart from red raw sunburn and farmers tans!) The easy relax way of life and yes believe it or not the spontaneity of us Irish! Unplanned nights out is what I’m talking about! The amazing history we have and our Irish stories and traditions! Our very culture.

You appreciate your food…

Oh how I miss curry chips that is all ūüôā kidding I miss the food, not having to constantly put eggs in the fridge as they wont last. Real homemade brown bread, proper chips (french fries), fresh vegetables, home grown produce, proper milk!! Nice barista coffees…eggs Benedict! Bread (that’s not laced with sugar) Cadbury’s chocolate (kinder eggs my kids would say…they also miss the yogurts and potato waffles!!) oh the list is endless!

The easy access to European countries…

How I miss not hoping on a plane and being somewhere in Europe within a couple of hours. You never really appreciate it until you live so far away..I miss the cheap flights to other countries (even if you don’t like a particular airline ,not naming any airline in particular) Europe with its in depth history and periodical buildings just right on our doorsteps!

And now we’re back in Austin, we are lucky to have the weather and sunshine, ( albeit I may have brought the Irish rain with me these last two weeks) we are happy here, but our Summer was amazing, we made such good memories and made time count being at home in Ireland. I wont lie its been harder to settle back into things here in Austin this time round because we loved every minute of our time in Ireland. I know this feeling will pass, as it has before, but I will say one thing, when moving country, appreciate where you come from, because home no matter how far away, will always be home, and a piece of you will always be there!




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I love Austin

FashionMy Style

I love Austin yes I do, I’m packed up to head home for the summer holidays..we get the best of both worlds this summer. It feels like since moving here to Austin its been one long holiday. The weather has been so nice, warm sunny and humid at times but such a luxury compared to the weather in Ireland. I can tell you I’m not looking forward to going home to a colder perhaps wetter country but I am looking forward to seeing all my family and friends. We are so lucky we can head home for a good few weeks and my girls are so lucky not to be missing out on Irish Summers with Cousins.

We’ll always have guaranteed hot weather when we get back here so we re looking forward to a bit of rain and cold ..our Austin friends are telling us we are so lucky leaving here during summer as Austin can get incredibly hot….I was melting at 29 degrees and this week was up to 37 degrees but my Texas friends were constantly laughing at me anytime I mentioned “it was hot” and have told me it gets worse!!…I know a few of them are tempted to jump into my suitcase to escape it…

So¬† with my looming trip home, with this look today on the blog I’m layering up as that’s exactly what ill be doing at home in Ireland. We’ve a trip planned to Spain amid our time at home so I’ll need some summer gear too…Above I’m wearing a floral bomber I got at Michael Kors Outlet for less than $70 but you can get similar here, there is some of these jackets left in store. I have found similar jackets¬†here¬†and¬†here

The shorts again I picked up at the outlets (sorry girls) they are j.crew and so so comfy..I paid about $15 and you can find similar here from Vero moda and here from Mango. The white tshirt is from Dunnes stores last year. My necklace is from The temple wolf here and I love it!! (A piece of home!)

The shoes are new look but old but they usually bring similar out every year like this pair here.

So bags are packed and we’re excited to be getting home for a while…I have been warned though to turn on my heat to full blast before I get back to Austin in August ūüôā

Hope you liked the look and thanks to my fab Austin Friend Abby who you will be seeing more of on this page once I get back after the summer!!

Until next time y’all


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Jumpsuit …Tickled pink with a bit grey

FashionMy Style

Jumpuits…since moving here I’ve picked up a lot of these type of jumpsuits. When you’re up as early as we are in the mornings, and the brain isn’t quiet functioning, these jumpsuits are just perfect to throw on. I have a few like this hanging in the wardrobe, and I tend to wear them for casual and dressy wear. They suit most occasions which is another reason why I tend to keep buying them.

This one I picked up from Target here in the states, for any of my US followers you’ll find it¬†here.¬† I like this as the material is linen and very breathable in the heat we get here in Austin, even if it creases a little (Although the creases are not that obvious) I love the detailing on these and the frill adds a little to it.

This jumpsuit has cut out sides which at first I was a bit apprehensive about but you wouldn’t even notice it.

I’ve searched and found similar strip jumpsuits¬†here¬†from Miss Selfridges, although not exact same still very pretty. Also Warehouse have a fab striped one too¬† which you’ll find¬†here.

These flats are from Target and you’ll find them in store…there is similar in Oasis for my irish followers and you ll find them¬†here¬†for 34 euro.

Again I love these murals around downtown austin, they make great backgrounds ūüôā

If you have any questions on the outfit just let me know




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White Playsuit any one?

FashionMy Style

White playsuit anyone? Not to annoy any of my Irish followers but the suns heating up in Austin and its playsuit time…let me tell you about this little number, last year while touring the states I spotted this in HM New York. I fell in love but i knew Id have no business wearing it in Ireland… low and behold just before our big move here, this white little playsuit (eyelet I might add which is my new obsession) went on sale. Now you all know me and sales!!! It was reduced down to ‚ā¨34 and I snapped it up!! Such a¬† great buy as the weather here is scorching and I’m getting plenty of wear out of it!

Now I know this is last years stock but I have spotted similar around the highstreet such as this one¬†here¬†¬†for ‚ā¨35 or here for a little more euros at ‚ā¨87. A very close playsuit to the one above is from Zara for ‚ā¨39.99 and you’ll find it¬†here.¬†Along with this one¬†here

As you can see I paired mine with heels which are from Dunnes Stores …How I miss there ha! You can find similar from New Look¬†here¬†for ‚ā¨28.

The beauty about this playsuit is you can wear flats with it too as in sandals or trainers and it looks good. With trainers drop the belt for a more casual look. If you re wearing it with flats, change up the colour of the belt, add a tan belt and tan flat sandals and you’ve a whole different look!

The belt I picked up here stateside in Target, I love it and its a nice nude colour which will go with a lot of things in my wardrobe. It was ‚ā¨24 but you can find similar¬†here

You can always play around with accessories when wearing white and add as much colour or as little colour as you please…I preferred neutral and these earrrings are from Mango again last years product but I have seen similar¬†here.¬† The glasses are from TJ Maxx and are Tommy Hilfiger paid about $9 but I know you’ll get them for ‚ā¨29.99 in TK maxx in Ireland.

So ladies if you see a white playsuit just grab it as you will get wear out of it for a summer night out or for that long awaited summer holiday..Im still working on my tan here and my current tan is out of a bottle (still trying to master the perfect application ha!)

Until next time y’all (getting the lingo from Austin!)

PS how amazing are these murals..I plan on doing a separate post on those!!



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The Handy Coat for throwing on over the christmas season

FashionMy Style

The handy coat for throwing on over the christmas season is one I picked up in Penneys of all places..

Its a good colour albeit its not that warm but that’s ok as I intend on wearing it thrown over outfits.

Its not the warmest of coats but at ‚ā¨40 it looks the part for evening time…I’m forever leaving my coat¬†behind somewhere when I go out for dinner or drinks, as its so easy to leave them behind (nothing worse than leaving an expensive coat behind in a restaurant/bar never to be found again so this coat is perfect just to have!!). My intention when buying this, was solely for wearing going out for dinner or Christmas drinks…

Checked Trousers

The other reason for choosing this Coat was it ll be perfect for the spring too when the weather is a lot less colder so I can transition to spring/summer…

Penneys coat

Its a great colour as it goes with everything, I paired it with the checked trousers and black jumper but goes really well with grey colours too. In the spring I will wear it with blue jeans and pumped. The Grey culottes here are from a previous post, picked them up from Born Clothing and the boat neck jumper was penneys last year but you’ll find similar in penneys at the moment for ‚ā¨14.

Lost ink Culottes

I particular love the shape and lenght of this coat. It can be worn with dresses as it sits just at the knee and has subtle side splits. I also love that its belted. Its shape is almost bat winged on the shoulder sleeves area which makes it slightly over sized on top but fitted on the bottom. It is rather chic.

Now as I said its not that warm so you’d need to layer it up if you intend on buying it for every day wear, although in my opinion if its an every day winter coat you are looking for this isn’t going to keep you warm and you are better off investing in better quality.

I’m all for buying a good winter coat and spending a lot more than ‚ā¨40 for a good one. But as I said this is worth buying if you are looking to just have something to throw on over your outfit for a night out¬† or a light coat for Spring!!

Hope you enjoyed this

Until next time



Picks by my lovely friends Colette Walshe adn Eimear@thetwodarlings

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Body suits…the classy style

FashionMy Style

Bodysuits love them or hate them they can be so ideal under certain trousers or skirts…I remember years ago I got a shirt version from benneton and loved it. I wore it to work with trousers and it was ideal as it didnt fall out over your trousers by the end of the day..so you get my drift why they are so handy, no tucking or pulling at your top or shirt as it sits in place….

When I saw this bodysuit from Zara I know it would go with everything , its such a nice fit and has a satin feel (its not satin though its polyester)

As you can see from above, bodysuits wont budge when you’re sitting down and are so comfy, I love the large lapels on this one, the v neck is great for larger busts. If you are self conscious of it gapping you can also throw on a cami underneath (I have done this before and its still looks perfect). With bodysuits they tend to sit in place and hold everything together. This top has shoulder pads too which suits my shape but fear not they are removable!

These trousers I picked up in Born Clothing, they are by a label called Lost ink, who design pieces that are a little bit quirky. These wool culottes are my current favourite thing in the wardrobe and they go with numerous tops and jumpers. They were a great buy and really warm for this type of weather. You will find them available in¬†Born Clothing¬†in wilton so maybe check with them, they were great value at ‚ā¨54.99 but unfortunately and unsurprising they are sold out online.

These earrings girls were an absolute bargain …I bought them on aliexpress for ‚ā¨2.95 and I love them, that included delivery by the way!! You will find loads of fab pieces and you’ll find the exact pair above¬†here.

So if you are apprehensive about buying a bodysuit dont be ladies as they are quiet comfy (even though its more time consuming in the bathroom!!) but they are nice and neat tucked into skirts or trousers and you wont have the fear of having to fix yourself all night!

Hope you enjoyed…

Until next time




Pics taken by my lovely Friends Colette x This isn’t a sponsered post all items I bought myself.

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Check Mate! And how to style this trend!

FashionFashion and Beauty Blog

(My trousers are Zara ‚ā¨25.95¬†here, and checked Coat New Look ‚ā¨34.95 available instores sold out online)

Check mate…So a bit late in publishing this post..had it done ages ago but Life got in the way….this season I am loving the check¬† print..initially when I bought the blazer above, I was suddenly transported back to being 10 years old looking at my much younger dad wearing a very similar style check jacket haha …regardless i love my current one now! So I have had a lot of private messages from you guys asking how to style these particular looks and I have pulled together a few examples for you below…

It is so easy style this look, it can be worn simply with a plain tshirt or top…Jacket is ‚ā¨39.99¬†here¬†Earrings Warehouse ‚ā¨13, Dark Check jacket River Island ‚ā¨75¬†here. Black lace cami ‚ā¨22.99 available¬†here. White logo tshirt Zara ‚ā¨9.95(in stores sold out online) similar¬†here, Belt Topshop ‚ā¨20 available¬†here. Black Jeans River Island (Amelia) ‚ā¨55¬†here.

I also love the long line Coats, penneys have a few in stock and they are fab but unfortunately way too long for my height 5’4. There is some other lovely lenght’s around and this is how I would style them.. again keeping it simple as check is a busy print! Above Pic: Jumper Oasis ‚ā¨47 available¬†here,¬† Check Coat Zara ‚ā¨99.95 available¬†here, White collared jumper Zara ‚ā¨25.95 sold out online available in store. River Island Molly jeans ‚ā¨55 available here¬†Top shop boots ‚ā¨57 available¬†here,¬† Check Coat New Look ‚ā¨49.99¬†here¬†Black jeans Amelia River island as above. Flats River Island ‚ā¨40 available¬†here.

Love checked Trousers at the moment so easy to style…I have all this look above in my wardrobe and wear it all the time….Black Jumper (a wardrobe staple piece) Zara ‚ā¨19.95 available¬†here¬†Patent Loafers ‚ā¨29.95 available¬†here. Check Trousers Top shop ‚ā¨52 available¬†here , Camel Coat ‚ā¨80 from Top shop available¬†here, Center Check Trousers ‚ā¨57 available¬†here, Zara¬†Ribbed Bandeau sweater ‚ā¨29.95¬†here.

Above look: Red sweater Topshop ‚ā¨46 available¬†here, Checked trousers Zara ‚ā¨25.95¬†here, Black Suede biker jacket New Look ‚ā¨49.95 available here, Black Ankle Boot Topshop ‚ā¨103 available¬†here, and¬†River Island Logo tshirt ‚ā¨22¬†here.

I hope you find this somewhat helpful and gives you a few ideas how to embrace the trend…as always if you have any questions just ask

Until next time



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Winter warmer!

FashionMy Style

Winter warmers and what springs to mind is nice bulky coats..who doesn’t love a good coat for winter?

Now I’ve packed away all the summer clothes up into the attic, I’ve reassessed the wardrobe, and yes it needs more coats!! I think living in Ireland a coat is “a must” piece to invest in, as we live in them over the winter…

Throw it on dashing to meetings or in my case dashing to and from school gates!! For those of you who know me, there’s nothing I love more than a statement coat…I’ve always been drawn to the oversized ones, those cool edgy long ones, but with my petite frame, an midget height, I’ve never quiet found what I was looking for….that is, until I popped into¬†Hickeys Fashion Fermoy. I spotted this beaut hanging up and was immediately drawn to it, again I have collaborated with them on this post to show you this beauty in detail!!

As I mentioned in a previous post Hickeys have introduced new labels to their floor, and this piece is by one of the newer labels Lost Ink. It’s a beautiful coat and the wool feels amazing. I love the fact it is a tie coat, there is no buttons on it, and to be honest there is none needed as it wrapped around the body so well and so warm!

Its the type of coat you would throw on, with a dress for a night out or pair it with jeans as I have done here…for an edgier look and if I was blessed with height I would be pairing converse/trainers with it!

I love the lenght of this coat too …Long but not too long that its catching around your ankles. I paired this with a fab white blouse which buttons at the back, it sits lovely on the front too, a nice top for work to night out, or for any occasion for that matter. Those bell sleeves are beautiful!

As I said¬†Hickeys Fashion Fermoy¬†have some gorgeous affordable labels to suit any fashionistas purse, this coat is retailing at ‚ā¨149 and I swear as coats go, its pretty amazing and not expensive considering what you’d pay for a good winter coat.

You should definitely pop into the girls in Hickeys they are incredibly helpful and honest. Their new collections are to die for and you will not be disappointed, for more information just pop over to their facebook page in the link above or better still just give the girls a buzz  025 31454, as they would only be too happy to help and post nationwide!!

Hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to invest in a good coat for the winter girls… looks like we’ll be needing it!!

Until next time


Pam x

Pics by the fabulous Brid O’Donovan Photography

*This post is a collaboration with Hickeys Fashion Fermoy



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A Skirt with sass!!

FashionMy Style

Hey hey hey..I’m back..finally says you!! I did write a post previously to this, just to explain that I had taken time off to spend quality time with family…

But now I’m back and even though I’ve been in denial about summer ending I am embracing the autumn transition period!!

I always love things that are a little bit different or edgy…..sometimes I can’t quiet pull off some of the looks that I imagine in my head but this skirt is most definitely¬†one anyone can pull off!!

When I spotted this in¬†Hickeys Fashion Fermoy¬†I fell in love. I’m a huge fan of Hickeys and was delighted to collaborate with them on this post.

I’m always on the lookout for a skirt that you can wear during the autumn but easily carry it through to the winter months…this skirt is perfect for this purpose. The scuba material makes it warm and cosy but perfect for bearing your legs. And come the winter months just pop on the reliable black tights!

And how fab is this leather jacket another gem from Hickeys fermoy…its a french connection leather jacket and I love the soft leather on it…the waterfall look is perfect for throwing over these type of skirts and is always that little bit more dressy.

The top underneath is a body suit again perfect for this skirt…and its french connection from Hickeys.

Hickeys¬†also have a matching top available with this skirt and it too is divine and looks gorgeous together. Pair it with a black ankle boots…

I also tried this with a black fitted jumper and it looked great. Even though the skirt is dressy its still easily wear it with different types of tops for a completely different look.

In fact¬†Hickeys¬†have some gorgeous pieces in at the moment to suit all ages, they are doing some gorgeous kirky labels and this is a new label to the boutique…my advise is definitely pop over their facebook page for more looks. (Or of you are a local pop in!) They also take orders over the phone and deliver nationwide. For more information on the above looks contact them on 025 31454 or ¬†here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and expect more of these looks to follow

Until next time



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Back to school back to blogging

Fashion and Beauty BlogMy Style

So the little ones are gone back to school…and its back to blogging with a bang……

Its always good to take time off from blogging, I know it may seem likes its pretty easy this blogging lark but to be honest it can take over, its a constant 24/7 if you allow it and it can be demanding..its hard to switch off and not reply instantly to the private messages you can get at any hour for people looking for advice or information. But I love what I do and I love helping people who have a fashion question or problem.

The reason I set up the blog was because I love fashion and I love helping those who find it frustrating or just struggle putting things together. Now and then its demanding so in the summer months I vowed to take a step back ..and take time off, time off to spend quality time with my gorgeous girls and family.

And what a summer we had, we traveled for 4 weeks across the states an experience I hope my girls will never forget. We spend quality time with my fabulous sister Jill and her beautiful kids…the remainder of the summer was spent by the Irish coast by the beach making memories!

It was the break I needed to get away from the world of social media and all that goes with it! So back and refreshed and ready to tackle the seasons ahead ūüôā

So expect lots of fashion post in the next few months




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