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My style: Stripes are alright! Keep it simple!

My Style

Hey my lovelies,

Yet another post on my style, my way..I have this secret obsession with stripes!!

I can never get enough of them, but you know what? they are a must have for any wardrobe. Stripes in any type top or jumper are such a classic piece and never date! They look great with blazers, coats or paired with jeans. And their biggest advantage is they are so practical!

This one above, I had been lusting over for an age, and when in +Athlone Towncentre Shopping Centre , one day with my sister I spotted it back in stock. Its from Zara for €29.95, available here, I love the material, its a fine knit with a stretch in it and its so comfy.

The thing about this sweater that appealed to me most is the high neck on it. I’m not a huge fan of polo necks maybe because I don’t have a long neck, so this type of style suits me better!

I know its coming into the Summer so the likelihood of getting lots of wear out of it in the next few months is slim, although it is Ireland and the Irish weather can be unpredictable. One things for sure, it will be pulled out of the wardrobe for autumn.

The sunglasses are Guess, that I picked up in +TK Maxx, I swear by it girls, TK Maxx has a great selection of sunnies for fabulous prices, you just need to be quick! Those pair were €39.99!

A better look at the sweater, the back of it dips a little more in length than the front, which is a style I’m loving.

I paired the sweater with leather pants, and these ones I picked up in River Island a while back for €24 (I know!!) still some in stock but very little sizes (here) . If you are looking for a nice Leather pair then I would recommend the Freddy Leather pants (they are amazing and currently on my wishlist!)  available here.

The bag, no words needed really..this was bought as a gift from my brother on his travels a few years ago, he did good really didnt he? Its divine and one of my most coveted things in the wardrobe!

I kept the whole look casual by adding my adidas superstars, I love these, so comfy and great for casual wear…mind you not quiet sure how I kept them so white in this pic! You can find them here

I also gave this outfit a run for its money over in Paris too and was super for strolling around the pretty Parisian streets, casual yet stylish.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Until next time

Pam xx 

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Bomber jacket… This seasons jacket

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Ok so this one has taken us by surprised, but have you noticed how the Bomber Jacket seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment…its amazing how fashion seems to evolve all the time, and items when you were younger seem to be coming back in fashion…Why aren’t I a hoarder..I could have saved myself lots of money buying todays current trends haha albeit they have altered from the standard bomber in my younger years!

I know there is a lot of the plainer colours of bombers knocking around but I quite like the embellished ones or patterned ones as you can style them with lots of things…

Don’t believe me well have a look below. I am loving this look

 First look is Bomber from River Island €75 available here, Jeggins €29.95 from Zara here, black Cami from river Island €22 available here. River Island Leopard print Heels reduced to €34 available instore.

In love with this coast lace blouse, it is expensive for €95 but I adore it, you can purchase here, I’ve paired it with this embroidered bomber jacket from HM you can see it properly on this pic, but have a look here, its €49.95 and I’ve paired this cute tan suede skirt from River Island €45 available instore and online here, Beige Suede tie up shoe boots €87 available here.

A nice day time look wearing the Bomber jacket this ones from New Look and is €29.99 find it here, Blush jeans from river Island reduced to €24, only few left in stock online here or instore, also similar here for €49.95 here. Beige Ankle Fringe boots €60 available from River Island here, White Jeans from Verso €54.95 available here.

Zara peplum hem stripe skirt  €19.95 available here, Tan Sandals €69.95 available in store and online here, Navy camisole from Oasis €15, available instore and online here, River Island Bomber jacket €53 available here.

In love with this bomber from Zara, gone on the wishlist, just to add to the other 100 things I have on it! Its just fab and although I have paired it here with a simple pair of jeans this would go with anything…You can get it here €49.95, Jeans are also from Zara €39.95 and available here, these cute lace up flats are from  River Island €37, available here.

Grey Geometric Bomber jacket for €60 at River Island available here, Grey ankle fringe boots from Divine Boutique for €45, they are not online yet but if you can them 01 6292550 Divine Boutique, Grey Camisole from Shein.com €8.99, A white camisole would also be nice with this look, Grey Mid Rise Jeans from Zara €29.95 available here

And finally I couldn’t not put these fabulous ones from Needle and Thread, they are divine…better start saving as they are a splurge!!

Asos leather flap over clutch €16.20 available here, Skirt from Topshop available here,  Needle and Thread Jacket available here or Brown Thomas, heels Carvela Barely there heeled sandals €77 from Asos here

Again a Needle and Thread beauty, which you can find in either Brown Thomas or here, I’ve paired it with this tulle skirt €79, from Verso here,  but you can pair it with a simple pair of white jeans too, Bag is €19 from Asos.

So how do you feel about this look ladies?? I’m liking it once the Bomber has embellishments or embroidery, not too keen on plain ones. I know which looks my favourite so tell me what’s yours?

Have a great week

Pam xxx


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